International department

If you want to contact vithas Hospitals in order to schedule a visit to the doctor, diagnosis, treatment or for any other inquiries, please contact us by phone, email or through on-line contact form that you can find on our website.

Upon your request, the staff of the International Department will contact you for the details of your medical history, diagnosis and previous treatments. Possibly, we will ask you to send us by email images of diagnostic tests, discharge reports, results of clinical analysis and other supplementary material, which will be used by our experts to evaluate you clinical case.

After you case has been evaluated, we will send you a budget for diagnosis and treatment accompanied by a detailed explanation. The International Department coordinators will respond to you questions concerning the information about the hospital, specialist and the treatment program. The dates of visits and hospitalization will be arranged with the hospital or directly with the specialist. As per patient’s request, the International Department will provide translation services and support throughout your whole stay in the hospital.

We always select the interpreters based on the individual patient characteristics. All our translators are extremely responsible and professional, able to support the patient in a difficult situation and solve problems quickly and efficiently. If needed, the International Patient Department will provide you a letter of invitation needed for obtaining a valid entering visa.

We know how important the support during treatment is, especially when one is outside his or her home country. In the case of chronic diseases, we are in change of helping the patient to maintain constant communication with the doctor and to arrange follow-up visits and tests. We maintain contact and friendly relations with our patients, even after completion of their stay in the hospital.

Our services

  • Translation, interpretation and guidance
  • Treatment planning according to diagnosis
  • Translation of the discharge report, results of tests and examinations, as well as additional documents required
  • Provide estimates of the cost of medical services
  • Visa arrangements
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Medicalized aircraft

vithas Hospitals offers a wide range of medical services, providing patients with comprehensive care always taking into consideration their individual needs. The International Department coordinators select a specialist individually depending on each case, prepare and organize the medical program provide estimates of the costs of treatment, issues an invitation for visa formalities and provide their customers with all necessary support before, during and after their stay in the hospital.

During hospitalization or visit to a doctor, the patient will have an individually selected professional translator. Upon patient’s request, the International Department will organize a shuttle or ambulance in cases that require reanimation. If the patient comes for treatment in severe health conditions, our staff will organize an emergency ambulance service from airport to the hospital. At the airport the patient will be attended by a team of doctors ready to apply resuscitation protocols at any time when needed.

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