Social Outreach

The vithas Hospitals Neurorehabilitation Unit, together with the vithas Hospitals Foundation, is committed to promoting and defending the rights and equal opportunities of people with disabilities.

The main aim of the social outreach programme is to participate in and organize activities that promote social involvement and improve the quality of life and social adjustment of people with disabilities. The proposed activities are led by the members of the technical team at the Neurorehabilitation Unit, who boast experience in programmes that target groups of people with special needs.

The following are some of the key activities

Volta a Peu de Valencia

Professionals, family members and patients join together to run the 5-mile fundraising race around the city of Valencia each year. This is a challenge that reflects the patients’ spirit and will to overcome adversity.

Urban Allotment

Occupational therapy patients take turns tending to a city allotment located near the Hospital.

Celebration of traditional festivals

The festivals in which the outreach programme participates include Fallas, Seville April Fair, and Christmas

Celebration of Brain Injury Awareness Day

The outreach programme helps to organize a fundraising market whose proceeds are donated to the Region of Valencia’s Brain Injury Federation (FEVADACE)

Shopping and cookery workshop

These workshops help patients to gain functional independence in instrumental activities of daily living (AIVD)

Therapy with animals


Magazine ‘Little by Little’

This publication is designed, written, and formatted by patients of the Neurorehabilitation Unit

Talks designed to train young people and raise their awareness

Talks are held in schools in collaboration with the local police force

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