Innovative clinical care requires ongoing training of the professionals responsible for the rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries. The Neurorehabilitation Unit fulfils this commitment by implementing a range of specialized training programmes for its health personnel.

Promotion and management of internship agreements with universities, the Spanish Department of Health, and other public bodies, among others:

At the vithas Hospitals Neurorehabilitation Unit, we have established internship agreements with major Spanish and international universities. The aim of these agreements is to train final-year students or graduates from different disciplines. Furthermore, we help to train resident psychologists and resident doctors. In doing so, we collaborate with the Spanish Department of Health.

External training programme:

In recent years, we have organized a series of scientific conferences, courses, and events to address issues related to acquired brain injury, thereby adopting different approaches and sharing knowledge and clinical experience. Targeting professionals from different health care backgrounds, these events have been attended by internationally recognized neurorehabilitation experts.

In addition, our professionals participate as clinical experts in numerous teaching programmes, collaborating in master’s programmes and courses in external forums in both academia and health care.

Internal training programme:

We have developed an internal training plan that includes intra-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary clinical sessions and multidisciplinary training.

In the cross-disciplinary sessions, professionals from a specific care area prepare sessions that are of clinical interest for other professionals within the Neurorehabilitation Unit. Furthermore, each area pledges to periodically review relevant areas related to patient care.

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