Neurorehabilitation is a complex treatment process aimed at restoring, minimizing, and/or compensating as much as possible for the functional deficits that have arisen in the patient due to a serious disability as a consequence of an injury to the central nervous system.

The treatment of patients with acquired brain injury (ABI) and other neurological injuries should be early, individualized, intensive, and cross-disciplinary:


It is important to start treatment early, which means starting treatment as soon as the patient becomes clinically stable.


Each patient presents a unique combination of symptoms and irregularities that should receive tailored treatment by professionals with neurorehabilitation expertise.


It is essential to alter the intensity of the treatment according to the capabilities and needs of the patient with brain injury during each stage of the rehabilitation.


No one professional profile alone can address the massive range of rehabilitation needs of a patient with acquired brain injury.

The Neurorehabilitation Unit has a team of professionals with different medical specialties able to work together to ensure the patient with acquired brain injury achieves the greatest autonomy and independence possible.

With a person-oriented philosophy and a cross-disciplinary treatment model, we have developed specific treatment programmes to meet the needs of each patient depending on his or her specific problem or disorder. These programmes are periodically assessed to determine the patient’s progress in the rehabilitation and to modify the programme’s objectives. To achieve these objectives, the Neurorehabilitation Unit has at its disposal a wide range of resources in the form of equipment, treatments, and technology.

The active participation of the patient and his or her family are fundamental for the programme to succeed

To meet the needs of the brain injury patient and his or her family, the Neurorehabilitation Unit offers two forms of treatment.

Residential unit

The patient remains in the hospital in an individual personalized room and receives morning and afternoon rehabilitation sessions

Outpatients unit

Patients are cared for as outpatients during the morning or the afternoon from Monday to Friday.
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